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Black Art Black 29.5" x 39"

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TL Item#: 83099 Category: Thermoplastics

Worbla’s Black Art - A Better, Black Thermoplastic

Worbla’s Black Art (WBA) takes the aspects of Worbla’s Finest Art (the ‘original’ Worbla) and adjusts it specifically with cosplayers and crafters in mind. There are some fantastic benefits – but also some setbacks – to the new material, and I want to give you as FULL a possible breakdown on this new thermoplastic as possible.

Worbla Black, compared to Worbla’s Finest, is made of plastic entirely instead of plastic and cellulose. This gives it a smoother finish and a bit more strength, especially when stretched over complex curves. It’s a bit less tacky, but still has the adhesive properties of Worbla’s Finest and it is still 100% recyclable. Worbla Black has a texture similar to EVA foam when shaped and painted directly. It means for items where a small amount of texture is acceptable or desired (a wood finish, for example) Worbla Black can be used without any priming.

Worbla plastics are different from other thermoplastics. They’re thinner than Wonderflex and handle curves better than Sintra and Worbla products are non-toxic and don’t need special tools. The material is heat-formable and solvent-free - you use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There’s no waste because your scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended. These leftovers can be molded to act just like putty, and many artists use Worbla’s Finest and Black like a form of clay. (Check out these dragons!)

Worbla’s Finest Art and Worbla Black are hard when cool and can be sanded without damage. One side is the ‘glue’ side that means when heated, it can be attached to other layers of Worbla or other surfaces without needing additional glue. You can choose to work with multiple layers of Worbla right from the start of a project, or line thin areas later as you decide your needs.

Almost everything is possible with Worbla! Check out our galleries for examples of detailed surfaces and masks, armor and ornaments, replicas of blades or gems, as well as costume jewellery, figurines and all kinds of decorations.

Size: Jumbo half sheet 39" wide x 29.5" long

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