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Primal Contact Lens

Berserker II pair

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Out of Stock

TL Item#: 102967 MFR Part#: PL-11927UPC#: 0628153119273 Category: Theatrical Contact Lenses

Feel the power of the BERSERKER! Allow the divine fury to wash over you and spread fear of your invincible power on the battlefield (also works for Halloween parties and conventions).

These premium Theatrical Contact Lenses are perfect for Halloween, Cosplay, anime, costume parties, movie and theatrical productions, body painter, special effect makeup artists and are popular in the Gothic scene.

Primal Contact Lenses specializes in manufacturing theatrical, costume and cosmetic colored contacts. Primal applies their expertise in research, design and technology to produce a colored lens that is exceptional in both quality and comfort. Their research and development team carefully selects each pigment according to various criteria such as the level of opacity and the ability of the lens to mimic the eyes natural colors.

Primal Coloured Contact Lenses are manufactured in standardized facilities according to internationally accepted standards and are FDA cleared.

U.S. Customers: All contact lens sales are regulated by both the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a valid contact lens prescription is required to purchase your contact lenses, even for non-corrective/non-prescription, cosmetic ones that only change your appearance.
NOTE: While CostumeWorx takes steps to ensure accuracy in it's product listings and images, any color samples or lamp and product images shown on this website are for reference only, may not be exact and may vary from the actual product look and/or color.

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