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Ultracal 30 (TruCast Line) 8 lb

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TL Item#: 78864 Category: Molding & Casting

Part Of The NEW Techland TruCast™ Mold Making & Casting Line

Ultracal 30 Gypsum Cement is the ultimate gypsum cement tooling medium. When extreme accuracy and greater surface hardness are required, use Ultracal 30. It provides extremely low expansion properties, gradual set and a long period of plasticity. Ideal for splash-casting molds and models for phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins, Ultracal 30 is water soluble and non-combustible. When properly used, Ultracal 30 is safe to handle and easy to work with.

DIRECTIONS: Use potable water at temps between 70/100 °F. As variations in slurry (Hydrocal and water mixture) temp produce variations in set time, it is important to keep both Hydrocal and water in a stable temp environment prior to use. The higher the temp of the slurry, the shorter the set time and vice versa.

Weigh both Hydrocal and water prior to use for each mix. The water-to-Hydrocal ratio is critical as it governs the strength and the density of the final cast.

Sift or strew Hydrocal into the water slowly and evenly. Do not drop large amounts directly into the water as proper soaking may not occur. Hydrocal should be fully dispersed in water prior to mixing.

Mixing Hydrocal slurry is one of the most important steps in producing casts with maximum strength, absorption, hardness and other important properties.

Longer mixing times result in higher mold strength and shorter set time.

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