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Fusion Body Art

Split Cake Trop Butterfly

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TL Item#: 101595 Category: Face & Body Painting

Fusion Body Art & FX Split Cake | Leanne's Tropical Butterfly
Fusion Body Art & FX Split Cakes are rainbow split cakes. All Fusion Neon colors are very bright under black light and can be successfully used for base work and line work (unlike other brands of neon colors that are hard to use for doing line work). All Fusion Neon colors are black light reactive. Fusion Body Art & FX Split Cake - Leanne's Tropical Butterfly 30gr cake by Leanne Courtney is part of Leanne Courtney's collection of split cakes specially designed for Fusion Body Art & FX. Leanne's Tropical Butterfly 30gr by Leanne Courtney is a very strong contrasting split cake, with a bright and bold side and a dark and deep side. Use it to create unforgettable 1 stroke butterflies, taking advantage of the dark side of the cake to create a bold edge that doesn't need an extra outline if you are painting in full speed mode. The Fusion neon paints that are in this cake will not glow in complete darkness, they need to be exposed to black lights to glow. Although artists around the world use these paints to produce amazing face and body art designs, the USA FDA has yet to test these pigments for skin safety so in the USA we are forced to indicate that these paints are only to be used as a special effects products to paint over clothing, prosthethics and other surfaces. Fusion Body Art has conducted private testings by specialized labs to determine that these products are indeed safe to be used on the skin, but regulations in the USA still require for us to indicate that they are not to be used on the skin. Please know that the FDA usually doesn't test a pigment for safety unless it feels there is a public concern over the safety of the pigment. As an example, even though henna and tattoo inks are widely used, the FDA has not yet tested them for skin use, meaning that they are in the same situation as neon "face" paints. Based on current regulations any off label use is at the user's discretion.

Colors: Prime Magic Dark Blue, Prime Deep Purple, Prime Deep Teal, UV Neon Yellow, UV Neon Orange, UV Neon Pink and Pearl Light Pink

NOTE: While CostumeWorx takes steps to ensure accuracy in it's product listings and images, any color samples or lamp and product images shown on this website are for reference only, may not be exact and may vary from the actual product look and/or color.

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