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Fusion Body Art

Face Paint - Prime Colors Paraffin White 32 g

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TL Item#: 101686 Category: Face & Body Painting

Every face painter is searching for that perfect white! Fusion Body Art has taken on the challenge in bringing you the best and brightest white that modern technology can create. Fusion Prime Paraffin white is perfect for making very solid white bases and super bright line work and accents thanks to the Paraffin Wax base. Fusion Body Art Prime Paraffin White is the brightest white face paint we have ever tried, made from the finest Japaneses paraffin wax and the highest quality white pigment produced in the USA.

Use clean water and clean brushes for the best white sensations that will give you the chills up the back of your neck! Apply in thin layers to avoid super thick strokes that could crack when dry. If you want to layer Prime Parfin White on top of dark colors, remember that it can activate the dried layer beneath, especially if your paint is too wet, or you press and rub your brush firmly into the paint color below it. If you want to create bright white dots that pop, use a thick load and gently dab the dots on top of rich colors like black or dark blue.

Fusion Body Art Face Paints are great for professional face painters and cosplayers as well as beginner artists and parents who need a high quality but affordable face painting product for a party or just for fun. Fusion Body Art face paints are bold and highly pigmented making your face painting designs stand out from the crowd. When dry Fusion Body Art paints have a slightly glossy finish.

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