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Kamui Cosplay

The Costume Making Guide - Creating Armor & Props for Cosplay

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TL Item#: 85651 Category: Cosplay Books

A fantastic step-by-step book introducing the fun and fantastic world of cosplay!

You want to get into Cosplay but don’t know where to start? Allow Kamui Cosplay to guide you! In this beginner’s guide you’ll get the perfect introduction into this wonderful creative world. Learn what Cosplay is all about and make your first big steps into armor and prop creation. No previous knowledge required! Bring your cosplay dreams to life with your own two hands. The Costume Maker’s Guide is a beginner’s guide to armor and prop making so that anyone – no matter their background knowledge – can make their costume dreams a reality.

The Costume Making Guide was Kamui's first book with an official publisher. The goal was to create a beginner’s guide to armor and prop making so that everybody – no matter their background knowledge – can get started with this amazing hobby. This is the longest book she has written (128 pages) and in it you’ll find everything from pattern making, to shaping and attaching armor pieces, painting to creating bad-ass props with foam or Worbla.

  • Expert instruction for crafting shiny armor and realistic-looking props
  • How to choose a costume and find good reference art
  • A short shopping list of necessary materials and tools for beginning cosplayers
  • How to create realistic paint jobs using simple acrylics
  • A beautiful photo gallery featuring inspiring images from other cosplayers
  • How to grow your workshop, take professional photos, participate in contests and join the cosplay community

Print edition. Paperback, 128 pages high quality full color print. Perfect as a gift or for browsing while you create a costume!

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