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Costume Rental Policy

Visit the costume shop and wander through all our costumes for rent in our air-conditioned warehouse. Touch the costumes and find the perfect one for your occassion!

Helpful Suggestions/How to Rent

Our Costume Coordinators will help you select a few ensembles to try on. This assistance is included in the rental. Accessories, hat, gloves, petticoat are included in the rental price.

At the end of the fitting/try on session, you'll pay for the rental and either take it with you, or come back to pick it up the day before your party or event.

We will do any alterations necessary to our costumes and make sure it is nice and ready for you to pick up. There will be a minimal extra fee for alterations. We do alterations for a small fee. We will not let a costume go out if it doesn't fit well. You look bad, and our costume is damaged.

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General Rental Information

  1. Must have valid ID
  2. Credit Card, debit or check is needed for the deposit.
  3. Three day rental (pick up the day before, and return the day after the event).
  4. Must pay with card used as Deposit.



Late Fee Policy for Costume Rentals

Deposit 5 times the value of the costume, to be charged after 30 days late.

Full Rental price charged each day for being late.

You will be asked to sign a Rental Agreement whereby you:
Agree to rent and Return the costume/articles in good condition on the following day or will pay the rental value of any lost or damaged and late charges of 100% of the daily rental value for each additional day it is kept out up to 30 days. After 30 days the articles will be considered non-returnable. The Deposit will be forfeited and we will consider that you have paid for the costume in full.

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