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The Science & Craft of Costuming: The CostumeWorx Process

Its A Science And A Craft.

Long before a single button is sewn into place, before any trim is added to embellish a look, or even before a pattern is laid out and cut, there is a science that starts many weeks and months before. A craft that has a long and established history; followed by the best designers and builders in the industry.


Theatrical Costumes Must Be Designed.

They must be constructed to bring out and present the character in every way possible! Every piece has to be evaluated on many levels to serve its purpose. It must be done by a staff who is trained, seasoned, and passionate about the process.

Hours are spent choosing fabric, trim, notions, etc. and observing how it reflects light or how it absorbs light, is it heavy or is it lightweight, and understanding that sometimes it's necessary to have both. In some cases, a heavy costume helps the actor "feel" their role and step into that character; even down to comfortable character shoes! It's impossible to ask an actor to give everything they have on stage, meanwhile suffering because the shoes weren't a priority.


It Must Tell A Story

Just as important, costumes need to accurately reflect the time period, the culture, the demographic and the character's surroundings. To tell a story in its truest form, you must be able to give the audience a window into that time and place. It's paramount to make sure that all those pieces are authentic. We go to great lengths to find materials that provide and instill relevancy.

We are in a constant state of searching out materials that not only meet our standard of quality but are proven to be durable and sustainable.


It Needs To Be Breathtaking

People often forget the amount of wear and tear costumes go through in the process of alteration, embellishment, and cleaning.

Our materials are premium. We're making sure that every costume we invest money and time into holds its value.

It needs to be breathtaking ten years from now just as it did on its first show.


We Are Committed

CostumeWorx is committed to providing its customers with an over-the-top experience. Whether its commissioning pieces for ownership, creating a show package from start to finish, or simply providing the customer a resource of vetted premium materials to purchase, we are bringing every aspect of the costume process to market and making it available on any level.

Signature, Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell, General Manager

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